Student FAQ

What if I can’t see a link to schedule an appointment?

Contact the office or individual directly. The Schedule Appointment link will only be visible for individuals who have set up online appointment scheduling.

When I try to schedule an appointment, I can’t select a reason.

Appointments are only available to students who are in a specific relationship with individuals. If you can’t select a reason, it’s because you are not in the right relationship with the individual for that appointment. In most cases, this will be because the appointment is only available to students who are assigned to that particular academic advisor. In these cases, the appointment should not even be visible to you, and we have reported the bug to iAdvise.

What if I don’t see anyone listed in My Success Network?

Your advisor or instructors might not be assigned yet. Check back later or contact your college/campus advising office for additional assistance.

What if I click the Starfish link and get a “You do not have access” message?

Only currently enrolled students with an active UIC student account can log in to iAdvise. If you are a current student, contact to trouble shoot your access account.

What information about me is visible in iAdvise?

iAdvise is role and relationship based. Only individuals in particular roles (e.g. academic advisors, instructors) who are in a relationship with you (e.g. your assigned advisor, your instructors) can see information in iAdvise, and then they only see information necessary for their role.

Instructors use iAdvise to alert you to areas of excellence (through Kudos) and to areas where changes are needed (through Flags). These alerts are sent to your email. You are expected to read these messages and take appropriate action. Academic advisors can also see these alerts so they can help you develop strategies for building on strengths and for meeting challenges.

Academic advisors use iAdvise to document the topics discussed in advising meetings. This documentation is an ethical standard for advising because it helps advisors better help you make your way through UIC. Notes kept in iAdvise need to meet professional and legal standards, and fall under your FERPA rights.