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About iAdvise

iAdvise, UIC’s integrated planning and advising system powered by Starfish, is designed to be part of the advising toolkit, assist in day-to-day needs for advising units, and provides some key features that gives opportunities to encourage students to take positive action for their success.

iAdvise also streamlines communication for faculty and students related to alerts, flags, and has the capability for appointment scheduling if desired by faculty.

iAdvise has three main components:

  • iAdvise – Communication tool to help integrate advising on campus;
  • iAlert – Integration and expansion of Early Alerts;
  • iPredict – Predictive Analytic tool to identify retention and persistence risk factors and help student succeed;

Using a growth mindset approach, iAdvise uses features that allow for identifying students having challenges, provide opportunities for students to take definitive action, and communication across units through notes and referrals.

iAdvise is role and relationship-based such that it provides the capability for a unit to have access to their own students, but to collaborate with other units with whom a student is affiliated.