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Current Status and Configuration Updates

CURRENT iAdvise Status Heading link

The immediate issue with advisors attempting to upload documents running into the hard quota that limits the total number of files in the system has been rectified. We are working on a more permanent solution. However, wherever possible, please try to put the information (as much as possible, e.g., a summary of the document’s contents, etc.) in as notes. To prevent this issue from reoccurring, always be attentive to file size and minimize the size and number of files to only what is necessary. (Remember, students cannot see files uploaded to iAdvise.)

DO NOT UPLOAD EDITABLE PDFs: reduce the file size and remove editing capability if uploading is necessary.

Other Status Updates:

Email iAdvisehelp if you experience the issues described below.

There seems to be an issue with the ability to filter using the “graduated” attribute. Users will need to download lists without the attribute and then compare the list to a list of graduated students.

Users are getting (often repeated) error messages such as “Error Loading Data: transaction aborted ../instructor/getSections.html”, especially when filtering for students, but also occasionally when looking at particular aspects of a student folder or raising tracking items. This can result in error messages popping up repeatedly (often a minute apart) and/or delays in (or even a lack of) results being returned.

This appears to be an issue with displaying data, not with entering data. (i.e., despite raising an error message, the tracking item will actually be raised on the student, etc.)

We are working with the vendor who has escalated the issue. We will post more information here as more information becomes available.

If you only need to filter for information coming from Banner, the TEST environment seems to be more stable.

Filtering only for meeting data (etc.) seems to be stable than filters that incorporate Banner attribute data. Toggling between screens (e.g., clicking on the “burger menu” and then clicking “home” and then clicking back to the students tab) has been found to occasionally clear up the blockage.

Users can also search for individual students using the “search for students” bar in the upper right of the main iAdvise bar.

If you continue to receive errors, please contact

As a general rule: If you experience issues with iAdvise not behaving as predicted, please try to clear your cache as a first step.

To clear your cache:

  • For most web browsers: Hold down the shift key and refresh your browser as normal (clicking the refresh icon, generally represented as a circular arrow located to the left of the address bar [where you type your URL]).
  • For more information about clearing your cache: How to Clear Your Cache on Any Browser | PCMag

If you continue to experience issues with iAdvise after clearing your cache, please email the following information to

  • Describe the issue (include screenshots if possible)
  • Date and time you experience the issue
  • Your role in iAdvise (e.g., CBA College Advisor) [or the role you are currently using when the issue occurs] (if you are a student, say “student”)
  • Student profile you are viewing (if you are a student, say “self”)
  • Browser you are using
  • Any other data you think may be helpful (e.g. if you had left the tab/window open for a long time, etc.)

Configuration Updates Heading link

10/25/22: AAAN Tutoring is now live in iAdvise.

10/10/22: Race and Ethnicity has been disaggregated and a Quick Guide for tips on searching is available on the iAdvise website’s Quick Guides.

8/31/22: Burnham Hall Tutoring, the Business Learning Center, and the Engineering Learning Center are all live in iAdvise.

5/16/22: A new batch of iCard photos has been loaded into iAdvise to make it easier to connect faces with names.

11/7/21: There are two new updates to the Student Profile “Overview” – second major is now displaying for students with two majors AND registration status for next term has been updated.

7/9/21: The TRIO Program is now live in iAdvise. All users can find them in the Services tab of iAdvise. Advisors can also raise the appropriate referral to direct students to them.

6/3/21: The UIC Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center and the Disability Resource Center are now live in iAdvise. All users can find them in the Services tab of iAdvise. Advisors can also raise the appropriate referrals to direct students to them.

5/24/21: The profile page (found by clicking on a user’s name) has now been updated to be more mobile-friendly and cleaner.

3/19/21: The following offices are now in iAdvise. All users can find them in the Services tab of iAdvise. Advisors can also raise the appropriate referrals to direct students to them.

  • Center for Student Involvement
  • Commuter Student Resource Center
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • UIC Impact
  • Student Leadership & Civic Engagement
  • Office for Undergraduate Research
  • Office of External Fellowships
  • Wellness Center

2/18/21: The dashboard in the student view of iAdvise has changed to be responsive to mobile devices. Students may notice an improved display of items on their dashboard. Also, the term “Walk-In” has been changed to the more inclusive “Drop-in.”

12/23/20: OAD will be changing message templates to reflect the limited resources available to students over the winter break. Regular message templates will be reinstated on January 4th.

12/10/20: The Study Abroad Office is now in iAdvise. All users can find Study Abroad in the Services tab of iAdvise. Advisors can also raise a referral.

12/7/20: Level Degree Group has now been added to the Overview page of a student’s folder (and is therefore available as an attribute in creating filters in the Students or Tracking tabs). Look for “Degree Group:” [with most current students having “Undergrad – Degree”].