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Training Documents and Helpful Quick Guides

As you are beginning to use iAdvise, you can take advantage of our Getting Started standard training modules, which are designed for day-to-day full users of iAdvise. Or you can use some of our Quick Guides to specific aspects of iAdvise.

If you are a trainer for your unit, there are also some materials available to help organize training using the materials provided on this page.


iAdvise Training Modules - Beginner to Advanced and Guides for Users Heading link

We know that usage of iAdvise ranges based upon your role, so you can mix and match these training guides and associated practice tasks (please only practice actions in iAdvise in the test environment) based upon what you need.

Each of the documents is grouped into a overall training module, e.g. “Getting Started” and numbered in order. They can be downloaded and used individually or can be used together as an overall orientation to all aspects of day-to-day usage of iAdvise.

Faculty User Guides Heading link

Faculty members often use iAdvise to raise flags and to provide kudos to students. Following are some of our regular user guides that are useful to use iAdvise:

For Instructors – Initial Getting Started Guide

iAdvise Specific Roles – Introduction to Flags for Faculty (Module 5.2)

iAdvise Features – Kudos (Module 3.6)

Business Process Workflows that Use iAdvise Heading link

As iAdvise has come to be more widely adopted, a number of processes now utilize the system for documentation and communication and collaboration. Links to documentation for those processes are below.

Data Definitions for Attributes on the Overview Screen Heading link

iAdvise Attribute NameDefinitionSpecial NotesPossible options in User View
ConfidentialityThis is an indicator that appears if a student has filed a request to restrict the release of information (including directory information); This indicator is first iAdvise attribute seen for the student is Confidentiality, indicated as “Confidentiality: True”. If a student does not have a confidentiality indicator in Banner this field will not appear in the student’s profile. While viewable (if present), it is not available to advisors as a filterable attribute. It automatically raises or lowers a flag "SUPPRESSED INFO" based on its presence.Confidentiality: True - when a student has an indicator in Banner ; otherwise will not display
CollegeCurrent college student is enrolled inSince ICT students stay in the college org for 100 days after transferring, filtering for this attribute can display only those students currently in the college.Example: College: Liberal Arts & Sciences
ProgramThis is an indicator of the student's CURRENT TERM academic program definition and is driven by the student's academic program code.In cases of current graduate and professional students who were undergraduates in the last 4 years, the last undergraduate program will display; for other undergraduate and non-degree students, the language should be equivalent to the Academic Program Description with an "-UIC" at the end.Example: Program: BS: Finance - UIC
Program 2For students who are dual degree this is an indicator of the student's CURRENT TERM academic program definition and is driven by the student's academic program code.Example: Program: BS: Finance - UIC
Student TypeThis displays which category a student is in (see possible options in user view)Students will change to "continuing" after their first year Continuing
New First Time Freshman
New Non-degree Undergraduate
Transfer (Undergraduate)

Example: Student Type: Continuing
Class LevelThis is an indicator driven by the Banner calculated class code and description (including credits for transfer, dual credit, etc. courses).This should be equivalent to the numbered class codes for a student 1=Freshman, 2=Sophomore, 3=Junior, and 4=SeniorClass Level: Junior
Degree GroupThis shows which degree group the student is a part ofWhen used in conjunction with other filters, allows advisors to exclude non-degree students or students who have progressed to graduate or professional programs without graduatingDegree Group: Undergrad - Degree
Academic StandingThis is an indicator of academic standing and is driven from the End of Term Academic Standing Description.This indicator will use the same phrasing as Banner. For students who are in their first term, it will appear as "Unknown." [not calculated or unknown]Academic Standing: Probation Level 1
Registration HoldsThis is an indicator if a student has holds impeding registration. The name of the holds on the student's account appear here.This field will ONLY appear if the student has holds. If there are no holds, this item will not appear in a student's Overview. Multiple holds are comma delimited.Registration Holds: Title IX Hold, Collections Hold, Financial Hold
RegisteredThis is an indicator of whether a student is registered for the current term. The indicators will appear ONLY if the student is registered for the term. It's value is indicated as "Active."[Only accurate after the 10th day of classes] Shows if student is registered for current term. It can take the form either of "active" (for students currently registered) or "withdrawn" (for students who were registered at census but who have since effected a term withdrawal for the current term)Registered: Active or Withdrawn
Still Needs to Register for the Next TermThis indicator shows whether the student is registered for a future term.This is a calculated value that pulls students who have a time ticket for a future term (start date before today) and no registration for that future term (as long as they are eligible for a time ticket, i.e., active in current term or term before, whether they are currently registered or not).Still Needs to Register for Next Term: [Yes] (not assigned to student includes students without time ticket as well as students who have registered)
Banner CohortThis is an indicator of the Banner cohort code for a student. Students who have not been assigned a cohort will have this field appear blank. Useful for finding groups of students (especially using the "*" wildcard (e.g., 220228* for both first-year students and transfer students who started in Fall 22). Note, only degree seeking students are given a Banner cohort (e.g., UIC Global students and non-degree students do not get one). Readmits keep the cohort designation they had originally.Banner Cohort: 220168FRSH
MajorThis is an indicator of the student's (primary) major in BannerThis is the major description in Banner and is driven by the major code and major description. If a student is a dual degree student, each of the colleges will see their individual information in this field.Major: Finance
Major 2If the student has multiple majors, this is an indicator of the student's second major.When program displays Multiple Majors, Major: Finance
MinorThis is an indicator of a student's minor if there is a declared minor listed in Banner. This is the minor description in Banner and is coded to the minor code and description in Banner. This attribute will ONLY appear for students with declared minors.Minor: Marketing
Educational GoalThis is an indicator of a student's declared educational goal in Banner The name listed here will be equivalent to the Banner definition.This attribute will ONLY appear for students with educational goals.Educational Goal: Pre-Dentistry
Institutional GPAThis is an indicator of the cumulative UIC institutional GPA in Banner.The GPA is truncated at 3 decimal places, whereas Banner is truncated at 2 decimal points.Institutional GPA: 2.339
Credits AttemptedThis is an indicator of the cumulative credits attempted at UIC.This field corresponds to the Credits Attempted field in Banner. These are institutional credits only.Credits Attempted: 63
Credits EarnedThis is an indicator of the cumulative earned institutional credits at UIC.This field is an indicator of earned credits in Banner and will include Credits Earned 28
Athletic ParticipantThis is an indicator of an active student athlete.This indicator is coded to the "Athletics Participant" attribute which is maintained by UIC Athletics. It is NOT coded by Sport Code. This indicator will ONLY appear if a student is an athlete with the Athletic Participant attribute.Athletic Participant: True
First GenerationThis is an indicator of first generation student status. This is driven from the Banner indicator based upon answers the student provided about parent educational background at the time of application.This indicator is equivalent to the First Generation TRIO attribute. (i.e., neither parent has graduated from college)First Generation: True
ResidencyThis is an indicator fo the student's current residency status.This indicator is equivalent to the residency status in Banner.Residency: Resident, In State Tuition
GenderThis is an indicator of the gender identified in Banner for the student.These data will correspond to the indicators in the Banner SPAIDEN screen.Gender: Female
Race EthnicityThis is an indicator of the race/ethnicity indicators on the student record; it concatenates the data (e.g., where IPEDS would make anyone with Hispanic = Hispanic, all indicators are here)These data will correspond in most cases to the indicators in the Banner SPAIDEN screen; however, a student with a sub-category listed may show in iAdvise as "Other", especially if their citizenship is non-US citizen. The (eight) possible options display in the following order: hispanic*aian*asian*black*nhpi*napi*mena*whiteRace/Ethnicity: HISPANIC BLACK
Birth dateThis indicates the birthdate for the student as indicated in Banner.These data will correspond to the indicators in the Banner SPAIDEN screen.Birth Date: 12/26/1997
AgeThis is the calculated age and is equal to the age in the SPAIDEN form in Banner.These data will correspond to the indicators in the Banner SPAIDEN screen.Age: 22
First TermThis is an indicator of the first term attended.The format here is the Banner code for the term. Note: Readmits continue to have the term of their first attendance. (Non-degree students who do not have a Banner Cohort should still have data here.)First Term: 220168
High SchoolThis is an indicator of the high school the student attended if that information was provided at the time of admission.This will correspond to the high school name indicated in the SOAHSCH screen in Banner.High School: Oak Lawn Comm High Sch
Overall Credits AttemptedThis is an indicator of the UIC + transfer credits attempted until the current term. Current term credits being attempted are NOT included.These data will correspond to the indicators in the Banner SHATERM screen.Overall Credits Attempted: 124
Overall Credits EarnedThis is an indicator of the UIC + transfer credits earned toward the degree.These data will correspond to the indicators in the Banner SHATERM screen.Overall Earned Credits: 125
Overall GPAThis is an indcator of the UIC + transfer GPA and corresponds to the Overal GPA in Banner.This GPA is truncated at three decimal points. This GPA will correspond to the Overall GPA in the SHATERM form in Banner.Overall GPA: 3.750
Passed HoursThis is an indiator of UIC passed hours up to the current term.This indicator will correspond to the institutional passed hours, including hours of courses passed that do not provide credit toward the degree. This will correspond to UIC passed hours in the SHATERM form in Banner.Passed Hours: 105
Transfer Earned HoursThis is an indicator of the transfer earned hours accepted toward the degree at UIC.This indicator will correspond to the Transfer Earned Hours field in the SHATERM form in Banner.Transfer Earned Hours: 20
SAPThis is a description of the student's SAP status. If the student is new to UIC in their first academic year and has not completed a spring term, the indicator will not appear. If a student has completed a spring term and been assessed for SAP, their current SAP status description will be indicated.SAP: UG-Good GPA/Hrs Good Ratio
GraduatingThis is an indicator that a student has filed for graduation for the current term or a future term.This indicator will correspond to PN in the degree status form in Banner.Graduation Application: Yes
GraduatedThis is an indicator that a student has graduated.If a student has graduated, this field will indicate "True." Otherwise it will not display.Graduated: True
Late OrientationThis is an indicator that the student attended a late orientation.This field is driven from the Late Orientation attribute added to a student record.Late Orientation: True
Primary AdvisorThis indicates the name of the student's assigned college advisor.This field will ONLY appear if the student has an assigned advisor. It can also be a useful tool for finding non-registered students who are still assigned to advisors who have left.Primary Advisor: Zyrika Pellumb
Housing LocationThis is an indicator of the building and room in which a student in Housing lives. This attribute DOES NOT display; however, it can be filtered for provide a list of students who are living in Housing. It does not display for security purposes.NA - not viewable
CBA CohortIf the student is in a cohort in CBA, the cohort displays hereUIC CBA Cohort 4
Last Term AttendedThis is an indicator of the last term where the student was enrolled in courses as of census date for the term. This displays as a term code (e.g., 220238)This is a derived field from Registration data in Banner. Students who were active as of census but then canceled will show as attending that term. (Last term of registration)2 [for Chicago] + XXXX [year] + Y [month of term start: 1, 5, 8]