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Training Documents and Helpful Quick Guides

As you are beginning to use iAdvise, you can take advantage of our Getting Started standard training modules, which are designed for day-to-day full users of iAdvise. Or you can use some of our Quick Guides to specific aspects of iAdvise.

If you are a trainer for your unit, there are also some materials available to help organize training using the materials provided on this page.


iAdvise Training Modules - Beginner to Advanced and Guides for Users Heading link

We know that usage of iAdvise ranges based upon your role, so you can mix and match these training guides and associated practice tasks (please only practice actions in iAdvise in the test environment) based upon what you need.

Each of the documents is grouped into a overall training module, e.g. “Getting Started” and numbered in order. They can be downloaded and used individually or can be used together as an overall orientation to all aspects of day-to-day usage of iAdvise.

Business Process Workflows that Use iAdvise Heading link

As iAdvise has come to be more widely adopted, a number of processes now utilize the system for documentation and communication and collaboration. Links to documentation for those processes are below.