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How is the project doing in its progress through planned milestones?

We will be regularly updating this page with our project status so that all campus constituents are up to date on our progress through implementation.

Project Status Update #21 - May 15, 2021 Heading link

iAdvise implementation is complete. Adjustments and future planning continues with the iAdvise Team.

iPredict – Predictive Analytics as a separate project continues.

Project Status Update #20 - January 22, 2021 Heading link

Final phases of the initial project continues with final unit loading.

Advancements and innovations continue.

Planning for advancing the system, next phases of work and optimization continue.

Predictive Analytics planning continues.

Project Status Update #19 - October 23, 2020 Heading link

The iAdvise Project Team continues day-to-day activities for system maintenance and user assistance.

LAS is fully live in iAdvise. Work continues to optimize configurations after initial full entry for daily work.

Final unit loading continues with final units to be loaded in early Spring 2021.

Spring 2021 Orientation will be administered in iAdvise and plans are under way to update configurations.

Project Status Update #18 - July 13, 2020 Heading link

Final unit loading timeline has been adjusted to be completed within AY 21-22.

Predictive Analytics Working Group – Retention Score Subgroup completed a review of the retention score and submitted that initial report of findings and recommendations to the iAdvise Project Team for initial consideration.

The iAdvise Project Team continues to adjust the functionality of iAdvise to advance the support provided to remote activity for Fall 2020.

Orientation appointments and records administration is active in iAdvise.

Project Status Update #17 April 15, 2020 Heading link

The iAdvise Project Team has continued to manage remote work and continued working toward the final phase of unit loading.

Orientation will be conducted virtually, the iAdvise Project Team has made plans to develop and configure iAdvise to administer the advising process and assist with Orientation administration.

Final phase unit loading timeline is under review with the advent of Orientation needs.

Project Update Status #16 - March 9, 2021 Heading link

Success units staff members have been trained and are now working within iAdvise.

Spring 2020 Early Alerts have been deployed and have just been completed.

Other units loading targets remain; however, immediate focus is being paid to moving to remote working resources for current iAdvise users.

Project Update #15 - January 16, 2020 Heading link

As planned, adjustments over the inter-session to iAdvise were made to optimize usage by users.

The iAdvise Project Team has been conducting trainings for the Success Units receiving Early Alerts and are proceeding with plans for their “go lives” before the Spring 2020 administration of Early Alerts.

The OAD Staff have begun planning the Spring 2020 Early Alerts process and will be making adjustments in partnership with the Early Alerts Implementation Working Group.

The iAdvise Project Team is reviewing target goals for completing implementation of units by August 2020 and beginning to plan for the next batch of unit loads in mid-Spring 2020.

iAdvise Project Update #14 - December 15, 2019 Heading link

iAdvise weekly announcements have continued and are planned in the new year.

The iAdvise Project Team have received feedback over the Fall 2019 term and have planned updates during the inter-session, particularly in the areas of iAlert and email settings.

Bulk clearing of open flags and other items in iAdvise is planned by the iAdvise Project Team for inter-session.

The next group of iAdvise Unit implementation planning is under development by the Project Team.

iAdvise Project Update #13 - November 15, 2019 Heading link

The iAdvise Project Team began configuration meetings with Success Units receiving Early Alerts and will continue meetings and begin configurations for training and go lives for Spring 2020.

Reports for day-to-day operations are regularly being delivered and adjustments continue to be made. Data definitions and resource documents are under development.

Configuration adjustments are regularly being made by the iAdvise Project Team based upon user feedback.

iAdvise News and Tips announcements began weekly on the Advising Weekly Updates being sent by OAD on November 3rd and will continue weekly going forward.

The Predictive Analytics area of the project continues to develop and target dates remain in transition. Sub-groups of the Predictive Analytics Working Group have been formed and plans will be made over the next months.


iAdvise Project Update #12 - October 15, 2019 Heading link

iAdvise day-to-day unit implementation continues. The iAdvise Project team have targeted the units receiving Early Alerts as the next units for day-to-day implementation.

The Early Alerts project has been completed for the Fall 2019 term and midterm grading will commence outside of iAdvise in a few weeks. Faculty members are continuing to raise flags in iAdvise for advisors to take actions.

The iAdvise Project Team is continuing to develop reporting processes for units currently live for day-to-day operations.

Plans are being made to begin communicating weekly about iAdvise as part of Advising Weekly Updates with targeted communication to begin the first week of November.

Project Status Update #11 - September 30, 2019 Heading link

iAlert has been fully deployed and the Department of Physics have also entered Early Alerts and are using iAlert. Early Alerts will continue through Week 7.

The OAD Staff began conducting iAdvise Open Hours, which are drop-in hours with OAD staff to discuss questions iAdvise users have and do work together with users to help them optimize their work.

Non-Cognitive Profiles were delivered as part of a successful pilot of the batch document loading process.

iAdvise website developments continued with a fully developed users section and links to the Early Alerts web pages on the OAD website.

The iAdvise Project Team is continuing to develop reporting processes for units live for day-to-day operations.

Project Status Update #10 - September 16, 2019 Heading link

The iAdvise Project Team have trained three colleges and also configured and made live the AHS ASAP Learning Center.

In addition to adding units for day-to-day operations, the iAdvise Project Team, spearheaded by OAD staff, are configuring and deploying iAlert for the Fall 2019 Early Alerts process, which opens today (9-16-19).

All units that receive alerts have been contacted and been provided access to iAdvise to be able to view and take action on alerts raised by faculty members.

The iAdvise Project Team began developing reporting delivery for units live for day-to-day in iAdvise in mid-August and began soliciting feedback on reports.

Project Status Update #9 - August 15, 2019 Heading link

The iAdvise Project Team and the College of Applied Health Sciences are ready for the first non-pilot unit go live for iAdvise day-to-day operations. Training is planned for the week of August 19th.

Meetings with colleges for day-to-day operations are continuing and the iAdvise Project Team is scheduling their configuration confirmation and trainings for their day-to-day go live target dates beginning Week 3 (Week of September 9th).

The Non-Cognitive Profiles will be uploaded and delivered through iAdvise beginning in the first few weeks of Fall 2019.

Project Status Update #8 - August 1, 2019 Heading link

The iAdvise Project leads have just returned to campus after the Hobsons Summer Institute and continue to receive feedback from pilot users, adjust settings based upon feedback, and plan for the configuration and implementation of all college units.

A full listing of units to be implemented remains updated with the total number of units/sub-unit increasing to 50 .

Project Status Update #7 - June 30, 2019 Heading link

Piloting units are live in iAdvise and transitioning into full day-to-day operations. The iAdvise Project Team is conducting meetings with the first targeted non-pilot users, which are the undergraduate colleges. Meetings will be conducted through mid-August.

Project Status Update #6 - May 15, 2019 Heading link

The Project Team is continuing to shepherd piloting units to go live once trained. Training for initial piloters will be completed on May 23rd and units will begin using once trained and kiosk install is completed.

Project Status #5 - April 15, 2019 Heading link

The project is on schedule and the Project Team is meeting with pilot users for the final configuration meetings so that they can begin piloting on or before May 15th as scheduled.

Project Status Update #4 - March 29, 2019 Heading link

The project team continues to make progress toward piloting go live; however, the iAdvise Pilot Go Live date has been moved from April 1 to April 15th to accommodate a delay in receiving a needed component from the vendor and re-configuration needs that were identified.

A new timeline has been created and we feel that the new timeline will provide us the opportunity for successful transition into iAdvise, and will result in a better user experience and the timeline.  Therefore the new timeline is:

  • April 15-19:  Phase 1 Initial Setup – End users will setup calendaring, and initial iAdvise settings
  • April 18: PRT on production system
  • April: 22- 26 Training – Basic Core Functions
  • April 24 – May 15 Colleges and Support Units can go live with system after training.
    • Kiosk Setup done prior to go live
  • Late May: Second Training Component – Enhanced Features

Project Status Update #3 - March 1, 2019 Heading link

The project is moving along and users have been completing testing in the range of core functions for iAdvise.

  • Functional Working Group members began testing in late January through February and have provided initial feedback for configuration changes.
  • Early Alert Working Group has begun meeting about iAlert and discussing plans for pilot and implementation for Fall 2019.
  • Training and Development Working Group has been initiated and plans have begun for training development for pilot users.
  • Data loads are continuing to move along.
  • Non-pilot users are beginning testing in the weeks of March 11th through the end of March.
  • A Pilot Go Live plan has been developed and will be distributed to the iAdvise Steering Committee.
  • Updates were made to the iAdvise website.
  • iAdvise was presented at the Spring 2019 Advising Summit (February 22, 2019).
  • Demos and overviews of iAdvise have begun in committees and meetings.

Project Status #2 - February 1, 2019 Heading link

Plans for testing are moving along and Starfish Strategic Consultants visited the campus as planned.

  • The Functional Working Group provided feedback on initial testing cases and user test case documents have been developed.
  • The Functional Working Group continued making decisions on advanced configurations and began addressing process and procedural questions for piloting units.
  • Predictive Analytics Working Group team lead and members were identified and invited. A first meeting will be planned in February.
  • Starfish Strategic Consultants visited UIC January 22nd – 24th and met with 100 individuals, conducting a series of focus groups with a range of stakeholders including advisors, faculty, students, student services staff, and leadership. They conducted a student success readiness assessment with the iAdvise Steering Committee to provide guidance on considerations leadership needs to make for strategic use of iAdvise.
  • The Technical Team continued building configurations and managing data loads.

Project Status Update #1 - December 20, 2018 Heading link

The project is moving along and we are on target for starting pilot testing on January 14, 2018.

  • Seven Administrative trainings ended on December 10, 2017.
  • The Functional Working Group made initial decisions on configuration based upon the administrative trainings provided by Starfish.
  • End user test cases were created and vetted by Starfish on December 14.
  • These will be used to test the initial configuration. Of course, during testing configuration will change based on the feedback from the pilot users.
  • After pilot testing is end user testing for units not in the pilot.
  • Data loads are moving along. The program file was the most complicated due to all of the data items tied to students current and past programs of study..
  • However, the data will be available for testing on January 14.
    ACCC will be installing the Blackboard connector on Friday December 21.
  • We are still working with ACCC to finalize the other components needed for testing.
  • The first phase of the website for iAdvise has been made live at Enhancements are intended to be made starting in January, including a page on the features and functionality of the system, and a reconfiguration of the presentation of the timeline that includes details. A contact form has been created and will also be enhanced.
  • The Communications, Training and Development, and Predictive Analytics Working Groups are in final development and will commence in mid-January.
    Starfish’s Strategic Consultant On-Site Visit planning is continuing and their visit will be January 22nd – January 24th.
  • iAdvise is a planned topic for Spring 2019 Advising Summit, which will be held on the morning of February 22nd.